Example of A Balanced Nashville Real Estate Portfolio

Explore the dynamics of crafting a well-rounded real estate portfolio in our latest post! At Velocity Mobile Home Buyers, We Buy Mobile Homes in Nashville and Tennessee, and our insights aim to empower your investment journey. we recognize the nuances that go beyond a mere inclusion of residential and commercial properties.

A robust investment portfolio demands careful consideration of various factors. It’s not just about the property types; it’s about finding the right balance. Every formidable investment portfolio should have a real estate component, but the key lies in identifying properties aligning with your goals. Some may demand more attention and effort, while others necessitate a substantial upfront investment for promising returns down the road. Delve into the array of options available to determine the optimal fit for your unique preferences and aspirations.

Your Options


Achieving excellent returns from residential properties hinges on securing the right, long-term tenants. The goal is to identify quality tenants seeking a comfortable living space. Fostering a low-maintenance situation is ideal for both landlords and tenants alike. It’s about creating a rental environment where long-term occupants value their living space, contributing to a mutually advantageous and hassle-free arrangement.


In the realm of commercial real estate, the allure lies in attracting high-quality, long-term tenants. The strategic approach involves acquiring properties in the right locations, ensuring that tenants occupying the units have a strong likelihood of maintaining business operations for an extended duration. Whether it’s commercial or residential, being a good landlord is pivotal. Elevate the property’s appeal by implementing improvements that make it feel special and unique.


For many investors, identifying a niche to capitalize on is a strategic move. Whether focusing on mobile home investments or small apartment buildings, each niche comes with distinct management requirements and associated ownership costs. Thorough research is essential before delving into these specialized investments.


Adding Nashville land to your portfolio can prove to be an excellent strategy. With a considerably lower cost, land investments offer a quick and potentially lucrative way to diversify your holdings. Purchasing a lot for only a few thousand dollars opens up avenues for profit—whether through development, leasing, or simply holding onto the property until its value appreciates to a satisfactory level.


REIT, short for real estate investment trust, operates on a concept similar to crowdfunding, pooling money from multiple parties to make substantial investments. In its simplest form, a REIT offers an opportunity to add real estate to your portfolio while maintaining a hands-off approach. With certain obligations to its shareholders, a REIT provides investors with a passive means of participating in real estate ventures.

Know When To Hold Them

If you own a property that isn’t performing like you want it to, consider what you can do it order to improve it. Maybe you aren’t making the returns you want because of something you are doing (or not doing.) Make sure you are holding up your end of the bargain by providing nice places for people to live and work.

Know When To Fold Them

When you add real estate to your portfolio, it doesn’t mean that you need to hold on to it forever. Don’t get attached to underperforming properties. You might love the little cottage downtown, but if you can’t keep a good tenant in there, it is probably costing you more than it’s worth.

Know When To Walk Away…

When it is time to sell, have a plan in place. It doesn’t hurt to build a network of local investors who can help you liquidate when you need to. You may not have been able to capitalize on the investment, but someone else might.

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