Mobile Home Maintenance Checklist: A Guide for New Mobile Homeowners in Nashville

Home Maintenance Checklist: A Guide for New Homeowners in Nashville

Owning a mobile home marks a significant investment, making it essential to prioritize its care. This involves regular maintenance tailored specifically to mobile homes. However, many mobile homeowners, particularly those new to the experience, may find themselves uncertain about the necessary tasks and their timing. Fortunately, mobile home maintenance becomes more manageable when approached through well-defined steps. To assist new mobile homeowners in Nashville, we present this comprehensive mobile home maintenance checklist.

Move-In Home Maintenance

New homeowners in Nashville will, of course, have to begin with move-in home maintenance. No matter how well a home has been taken care of and maintained, there will still be maintenance tasks to be done.

“Investing time in enhancing and addressing maintenance requirements for your mobile home before settling in can prove to be a wise decision, ultimately saving you time and money in the future. It also offers a clearer understanding of your mobile home’s condition, allowing you to tailor inspection timelines based on specific needs. Take a thorough tour of your mobile home, engage in a deep cleaning process, and strategize your ongoing maintenance right from the beginning. These mobile home maintenance tasks are designed to ready your residence for moving day, ensuring you can relish a clean and delightful mobile home experience.”

Deep Clean

Initiate your move-in maintenance by embarking on a comprehensive deep cleaning process. “Ensure all surfaces are not only clean but also disinfected, preparing your mobile home for move-in day. Dedicate time to scrubbing walls and baseboards, thoroughly clean your appliances, and consider renting a carpet cleaner to eliminate any lingering dust and dander effectively.”

Replace All Filters

Ensuring the replacement of all filters in your mobile home’s HVAC system guarantees that you move into a space where you can breathe clean and healthy air. Moreover, remember to consistently replace these filters every 30 to 60 days thereafter to maintain optimal air quality.

Locate Water and Electric Controls

In the event of a burst pipe with water gushing or an electrical emergency, having knowledge of the location of the shut-off valve or breaker box is crucial. “Identify the control panel or shut-off valve for each utility in your mobile home. Familiarize yourself with the process of turning off and on the water and electricity swiftly, whether for routine maintenance or in case of an emergency situation.”

Check All Safety Devices

Prioritize the security of your mobile home and verify the functionality of all safety devices before relocating your family and valuables. “Change the locks and consider installing any supplementary security systems you desire for your mobile home. Conduct tests on all existing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, replacing alarms or batteries as necessary, and ensure you have an ample supply of extra batteries.”

Monthly, Seasonal, and Annual Home Maintenance

Upon settling into your new mobile home in Nashville, there are ongoing home maintenance tasks requiring attention on a monthly, seasonal, and annual basis. While it may appear to be a commitment involving some cost, time, and effort, the benefits are unquestionably valuable. Consistent home maintenance can translate into substantial savings in the long term. Embracing the wisdom of the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” underscores the significance of proactive care for your mobile home.

Engaging in regular maintenance for your mobile home empowers you to address minor issues with cost-effective solutions before they evolve into major and costly problems. Statistics reveal that for every $1 invested in maintenance, potential repairs costing up to $100 can be averted. A practical illustration involves acquiring a caulking gun and a tube of caulk, typically priced at $10-$20, to fix cracked caulk around exterior windows. This small investment contrasts significantly with the potential expense of $3,000-$5,000 for water damage repairs if left unattended. The proactive approach to maintenance proves to be a wise and economical choice for mobile homeowners.

Following expert advice on budgeting for home maintenance, a prudent guideline is to allocate around 1% of your home’s value annually toward maintenance and repair expenses. For instance, if your mobile home is valued at $200,000, you should budget $2,000 annually to address maintenance costs. When distributed over 12 months, this translates to saving $167 per month. Adhering to this financial strategy ensures a systematic and sustainable approach to covering the ongoing maintenance needs of your mobile home.

And here are the important maintenance tasks you should take care of . . . 

  • Clean gutters and downspouts to ensure proper water drainage.
  • While cleaning gutters, inspect the roof to see if it needs any repairs to avoid water damage.
  • “Trim shrubs and trees away from your house. Trees above your roof may encourage critters to make their way into your attic, and vegetation near your siding can encourage pests and water damage to your home’s structure.”
  • “Touch up exterior paint to keep moisture and wood rot at bay.”
  • “Replace your HVAC filters at least every six months, or 30-90 days if you have pets. Changing your filters regularly can prolong the life of your unit’s life and help it run more efficiently.”
  • Fix any leaking faucets.
  • “Check your washer hoses and dryer lint trap/vent. Faulty washing machine supply and drain hoses are a leading cause of water damage. Remove lint and build up from the dryer vent to reduce fire risk.”
  • Inspect windows and re-caulk around them where needed.
  • “Caulk or regrout your tub showers and bathroom fixtures to protect against water damage.”
  • Ensure drains are clear and draining well, and clean out the garbage disposal.

Home maintenance may seem like a never-ending list of things to do, but it is well worth the effort. Prevention is better and cheaper than later fixing a large, costly problem.

An Even Better Guide for Home Maintenance

A more personalized and effective guide to optimal home maintenance lies in the expertise of your Nashville agent. Your local agent possesses knowledge about the specific maintenance projects suitable for the climate in the area and can offer tailored guidance. If you find yourself as a new homeowner in Nashville and feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of home maintenance, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 615-593-9230. We’re here to assist and provide the necessary support for your mobile home maintenance journey.

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