How Should You Sell Your Mobile Home In The Tennessee?

Deciding how to sell your mobile home is a significant decision, one that requires careful consideration of your options. It’s crucial to weigh the benefits of listing your mobile home, selling it directly, or attempting to sell it on your own. Each option has its advantages and considerations, and understanding these factors can help you make the best decision for your situation.

Listing your mobile home offers the advantage of reaching a broader audience and potentially securing a higher selling price. It involves professional marketing, detailed listings, and exposure to a wide range of potential buyers. However, this route can also come with the responsibility of preparing your home for showings, negotiating offers, and managing the sales process.

On the other hand, opting for a direct sale streamlines the process, allowing for a faster closing and avoiding the complexities of listing and marketing. This approach is ideal for sellers looking for a quick and hassle-free transaction. However, it’s essential to consider any potential trade-offs, such as the possibility of receiving a lower offer compared to listing.

If you’re confident in your abilities and knowledge of the market, selling your mobile home on your own may be an option. This route gives you full control over the sales process but also requires significant time, effort, and expertise in navigating negotiations and legalities.

Use the table below to determine if you should list your mobile home, sell it directly, or try to sell it on your own!

The decision to sell your mobile home is significant! It’s crucial to weigh all your options before deciding. Below, we compare a few of your choices so you can make the best decision for you! If you have any questions about selling a Tennessee mobile home, don’t hesitate to reach out at Velocity Mobile Home Buyers at 615-593-9230.”


Listing Your Mobile Home With

Velocity Mobile Home Buyers

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Selling Yourself


(For Sale By Owner)

Time To Sell: Fast-track your mobile home sale with our industry expertise, tailored marketing strategies, and targeted audience reach! Unlike agents specializing in single-family homes, we ensure a swift selling process for your manufactured home.Opt for a direct sale to us, and experience the convenience of closing on your mobile home within just a few short days.Selling on your own, however, can significantly extend the closing process and substantially increase your responsibilities.
Typical Sales Price:On average, listing your mobile home can fetch 13% more compared to attempting to sell it on your own.This can vary depending on the property. Our offers are determined by the current market conditions and the state of the mobile home.On average, you can expect to receive 13% less than if you were to use an agent for listing.
Marketing Costs:Zero cost – We take care of all marketing efforts.$0 – No need for marketing efforts.You may incur expenses for online listings, signage, printing services, repairs, cleaning, and other related costs.
Time Commitment From You: Minimal! We’ll manage everything and accommodate your schedule.Virtually none. Just pack up the items you want to keep.Selling on your own can also involve navigating negotiations, legal paperwork, and coordinating inspections. With us, you can bypass these complexities and enjoy a smoother selling process. Our dedicated team handles all aspects of the sale, from marketing to closing, allowing you to save time and effort.
Fees / Commissions: Enjoy a hassle-free selling experience with no standard commission, no hidden fees, and a dedicated team handling all aspects of the sale.NonePay nothing upfront, but bear in mind that you’ll cover all listing, marketing, and closing costs independently.
Legal / Contract / Advice: Always part of the package. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you understand all options and are informed at every step of the process.We take care of all paperwork, contracts, and everything else involved in the process, ensuring a seamless experience for you. You’ll manage contracts, escrow, paperwork submission, and all legal aspects of the sale independently.

When considering how to sell your mobile home, it’s essential to weigh your options carefully. Which option will be the best for you? How much time and money are you willing to dedicate to the sale? Are you confident in your ability to sell on your own, and do you believe you can secure the best price?

At Velocity Mobile Home Buyers, we understand that these are crucial questions. That’s why we’re here to provide you with as much information as possible. Whether you’re contemplating listing your mobile home, selling directly, or handling the sale independently, we want you to make a smart and well-informed decision.

Listing your mobile home with Velocity Mobile Home Buyers can help you reach a wide audience through professional marketing and detailed listings. On the other hand, opting for a direct sale with Velocity Mobile Home Buyers ensures a hassle-free transaction with a quick closing and no commissions.

If you’re considering selling on your own, our insights at Velocity Mobile Home Buyers can help you navigate the process efficiently. However, keep in mind the additional responsibilities and time commitment it entails.

No matter which path you choose, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. Reach out to us at 615-593-9230 for personalized guidance and a stress-free selling experience.

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When selling your Nashville, Tennessee mobile home, ask yourself these questions…

How much can you afford to spend on the sale?

When deciding how to sell your mobile home, it’s crucial to consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend on the sale? If you prefer not to spend anything upfront, a direct sale may be the best option for you. This way, you can avoid expenses related to listing, marketing, and maintenance.

Putting your manufactured home on the market often involves cleaning, repairs, and maintenance, even for the most well-kept mobile homes. These costs can add up, impacting your overall budget. However, with a direct sale through Velocity Mobile Home Buyers, you can skip these expenses and enjoy a seamless transaction.

How much time do you have to sell? 

Considering a quick sale? Opting for a direct sale is the ideal choice. By bypassing the time-consuming steps of listing, marketing, and showing your manufactured home, you can expedite the selling process significantly. A direct sale ensures a fast closing, allowing you to avoid the hassle of preparing your home for potential buyers.

Alternatively, if time isn’t a pressing factor and you’re comfortable with upfront costs and continued ownership expenses, listing your manufactured home offers distinct advantages. This approach broadens your reach to a wider pool of potential buyers and can potentially lead to a higher selling price. You have the opportunity to showcase your home’s unique features, conduct engaging open houses, and negotiate offers to secure the best deal possible.

Who should you ask for help? Someone who understands the manufactured home market in Nashville. [comany] is a team of manufactured home specialists who are happy to answer all of your questions and provide you with guidance when it is time to sell. We will help you understand your selling options and how they will impact you!

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** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes on average 20 days longer to sell a home on an FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.